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Sample Premium Cidery

A Premium Listing on Drink CT Cider features many different upgrades to the normal listing. In addition to a more colorful and prominent banner highlighting the name of your cidery, ads are removed from the page to provide heightened focus towards your information. Social media feature bars replace the ads section, which guarantees that the images provided represent your business well and in an appropriate fashion. The easy-to-interact-with display also encourages visitors to "like" and "follow" your pages, which allows you to keep in contact with them more often. Premium listings also include a unique blogging feature: Simply email us your copy and when it is tagged with your unique tag ID it will be displayed right in this location, below your important information. In fact, this very information is a blog-post sample! If no copy is provided, this location will instead provide a short paragraph about your cidery; basically an "About Us" section for your business.

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