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Spoke + Spy Ciderworks

The first bicycle was created by Robert Keating in Westfield, Massachusetts in 1890. That seems like an awfully strange way to start a cidery feature, but for Spoke and Spy Ciderworks in Middletown, Connecticut, this invention plays a pivotal role.

The "Spoke" in "Spoke and Spy" comes from the cidery's historical location in the R. M. Keating Building in Middletown. After outgrowing his factory in Massachusetts, Keating relocated to a larger factory in Connecticut. The building, which was home to the first-produced motorized bicycle (Yes, even before Indian and Harley-Davidson), has recently been revitalized by the City and is now home to several different businesses including two breweries and Spoke and Spy.

With a focus on local ingredients and craftsmanship, Spoke and Spy creates some truly inspired ciders such as Tepache Mode, a pineapple-ginger cider, or Love Shouldn’t Hurt , a cider made from blending strawberry and rhubarb with culinary apple varieties.

If you're looking for a great afternoon and friends and drinks, Spoke and Spy is a must-visit. Ron Sansone, the founder and head cider maker, and Kim Sansone can usually be found serving up their craft and are happy to share their passion with you.

Spoke + Spy Ciderworks

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