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New England Cider Company

New England Cider Company was founded by Miguel Galarraga and Seth Hart in 2013, and is one of the first "modern" year-round cideries in CT. Miguel and Seth started making cider in 2009

in their own backyard with a homemade press and chopper. As their cider making hobby grew, so did their enthusiasm and passion, leading to more ingredients, experiments and encouragement from family and friends to share their special elixir with a wider audience. Today New England Cider Company makes dozens of varieties of cider from fruit ciders like black currant and peach to barrel aged ciders like whiskey and tequila. The most popular and year-round variety is the Fresh Blend which is sweetened with fresh pressed apple cider, and like almost all of their ciders has no added sugars, preservatives and is gluten free!

You can find their ciders at your favorite bar or brewery around the state of CT or come right

down to the Tasting Room in Wallingford, CT where there are always 6 different ciders on draft including a dry traditional style cider! Bring your own food or enjoy some of the charcuterie on the patio. Don’t forget to get a growler fill to take home before you leave. Cider is for sharing!

New England Cider Company

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